Amazing real flowers preserved in precious and semi precious metals

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About Us

A lifetime in art and design, Graham and Karen Wood sought to produce amazing jewellery using the flowers and natural blossoms that surrounded them in the beautiful English Lakeland. Could you imagine having real snowdrops to wear as earrings or a gorgeous mountain fern made into a statement pendant!  Graham said "Using a very special process we preserve the actual flowers and then coat them in precious and semi precious metals such as silver , gold and copper. We hand polish the jewellery and often highlight parts of them by hand enameling areas in colour, such as leaves or the inner petals, sometimes we will completely enamel the entire flower in original or abstract colours." Graham and Karen have developed this very unique technique of preservation and turned these amazing natural flowers, leaves and berries into  into  these artistic wearable items of jewellery .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Changing Seasons

 As the year turns new opportunities arrive  in natural jewellery design . In spring daffodils, daisies, snowdrops and all manner of beautiful new blossoms appear . In summer gardens flowers and hedgerow plants bloom . In autumn the fruiting berries appear. Why not follow us on our Facebook page or in our Etsy shop to see what we are making next or whats new. We hope you like our unique NatureMade jewellery. 

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